Cross Border Investment can only succeed with deep understanding + experience within each stakeholder’s national culture.


    In the age of accelerating globalism and more recent hesitation due to the rise of nationalistic sentiments, we see the overall trend of interdependency between nations and continents continuing to grow regardless.  Our own firm’s extensive experience in dealing with North American, Chinese, South Asian, Latin and French culture has taught us that in the long run, cultural understanding and “on-the-ground” experience is mandatory to avoid / mitigate against unquantifiable risks.

    (Four different cultural backgrounds coming together to capture opportunity)

    As investors seek opportunities to outrun inflation or zero-bound interest rates, they inevitably find themselves looking farther and wider than ever before.  Yet we can see over and over again, major mistakes are repeated due to lack of appreciation for local cultural philosophies and attitudes -leading to application of the wrong decision frameworks and measurement of risk.

    What one culture considers to be common sense, another society may interpret to be complete insanity.

    Even worse, the rapid-fire deal-making cultures of advanced western societies often fail to grasp that considerable… VERY CONSIDERABLE.. time and effort is needed to build relationships that are deep enough to align everyone’s interests.  Therein lies one of Oasis Global Partner’s core “Edge” in its ventures.  We take the time to go deep within a society’s social fabric, and we greatly enjoy experiencing a culture’s un-varnished lifestyles and the sub-cultures or individual ethnicities of the regions where we hunt for opportunities.  Money alone rarely buys anything of true value.