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Meeting Lennar to discuss the challenges of finding high quality land in Las Vegas

While it sounds like a fun job to be a land buyer in a hot market, but the reality is there are serious land shortages ...

Steve Sisolak runs for Governor of Nevada State

Supporting the most qualified candidate running for Nevada state governor. America would be a lot better off if more politicians had his action-oriented attitude.

New Shanghai Office with State of the Art Presentation Facilities

We got new state-of-the-art digs in Shanghai! Located in the prestigious western neighbourhood of Gubei, we are conveniently halfway between SHA airport and Central Jingan.

Partnering with Hehui Capital Shanghai

Hehui Capital Management (HCM) based in Shanghai is a well established investment manager with expertise in "Fund of Funds", Multi-Family real estate investments and fixed income/debt securities. Oasis Global Partners is proud to be recognized by HCM as a strategic partner that can broaden their offerings to include land investments in high growth regions of the U.S.
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Another trip to the BLM Land Auction in Las Vegas

Mr. Peng of Pengxin Corp in Shanghai wanted to drop by Las Vegas to learn how we acquire quality assets at bargain prices. A successful businessman in China, Mr Peng has grown his construction...

For smaller individual investors, how we tested and dived into a chaotic distressed market...

Whether through the financial markets or in Real Estate, our cardinal rule of looking for our “edge” or “advantage” over the mainstream conventional-thinking public is the key to our success at Oasis Global Partners....

Managing uncertainty, fear, bias when entering new markets

In this article, lets focus on identifying opportunities to stay ahead of the markets and the public ‘herd’ by looking for unpopular sectors. And in particular, identifying the art of getting accustomed to the...
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